Morris 1960

Mini Minor    
Minor 1000    
Oxford Mk IV – end of prod.  
Oxfrord Mk V    

Great Britain

Milionowy Minor 1000.

Following its much heralded introduction in the summer of 1959, Morris Mini-Minor Saloon is continued with a number of changes including improved interior trim, padding each side of the instrument cluster, modified shock absorbers and improved window catches. Identical to the Austin Seven except for radiator grille design, badges and detail fittings.
Mini range expanded to incorporate estate versions Countryman (Austin) and Traveller (Morris).
Morris Minor 1000 continue unchanged. Available in Saloon, Tourer and Traveller versions, these very popular two- and four-door cars are powered by a four-cylinder, 948-cc, ohv engine which develops 37 bhp at 4800 rpm and features a four-speed gearbox, independent front suspension and rack and pinion steering.
Oxford Series V Traveller estate offered from 1960.
Morris Oxford Traveller Series IV was end of prod.. Half-ton Pickup and Van versions were also produced (1956-60).



  R4 cyl.
848 cc
34 bhp
Traveller – new model  


Deska rozdzielcza Mini to tylko umieszczony po środku szybkościomierz.

Australian Mini 850


Minor 1000

  R4 cyl.
948 cc
Saloon 2-dr
Saloon 4-dr

Jubileuszowa seria Minora polakierowana jest na liliowy kolor.

Minor Traveller


Oxford Mk V

  R4 cyl.
55 bhp
Traveller – new model



Oxford Mk IV

  55 bhp  
Traveller   – end of prod.
Van   – end of prod.
Pick-up   – end of prod.