Morris 1948

Eight series E - ost.rok
Ten Series M - ost.rok
Minor MM - nowy model
Oxford MO - nowy model
Six MS - nowy model

Great Britain

Skonstruowany przez Aleca Issigonisa Minor został zaprezentowany podczas londyńskiego Motor Show. Ma on samonośne nadwozie i niezależne zawieszenie przednich kół.
Oxford ma nadwozie podobne do Minora, ale czterodrzwiowe z dłuższą maską i przednimi błotnikami. Tak jak mniejszy brat ma niezależne zawieszenie na drążkach skrętnych. Zastanawiający jest powrót do silnika dolnozaworowego, podczas gdy wychodzący z produkcji Ten miał jednostkę z zaworami w głowicy.
Six to pierwszy powojenny Morris z silnikiem 6 cylindrowym. Te same karoserie będą miały nowe modele Wolseley'a.


wb: 2261 mm 4 cyl. sv
918 cc
Saloon 8 - discontinued


8 Saloon
Morris Eight, Series E was in production from 1939 until November 1948. During its last year it had a spring-type steering wheel. In addition to the two- and four-door car models there is a 5-cwt Van variant, Series Z, which is still continued.


wb: 2498 mm 4 cyl., 1140 cc  
Saloon 10 - discontinued


10 Saloon
Morris Ten, Series M, is a carryover from previous years and was replaced in October 1948, by the all-new Morris Oxford, Series MO.


wb: 86 in.
(2184 mm)
4 cyl. sv
918 cc
27.5 bhp
- new model
Saloon MM  
Tourer MM  


Minor MM introduced to great acclaim at the 1948 motor show has unit construction with torsion bar ifs, rack and pinion steering and full width body. Power comes from the old 919cc side valve is 27.5 bhp giving a top speed of 60 mph. Two door saloon and tourer versions are available.

Minor Saloon

Minor Tourer


wb: 97 in.
(2464 mm)
4 cyl.
1476 cc
41 bhp
Saloon MO - new model


Big sister to the Minor, introduced at the same time in 1948, with scaled up styling, the Oxford is, like the Minor lumbered with a sidevalve engine giving 41 bhp from 1476 cc. Top speed is 70 mph and four speed box have a column shift. Suspension is independent front, cart sprung rear. Brakes are hydraulic.


wb: 110 in.
(2794 mm)
6 cyl. ohv
2215 cc
66 bhp
Saloon MS - new model


The Six has six cylinder 66 bhp 2215cc engine as fitted to the contemporary Wolseley. It is basically a lengthened Oxford to produce a car with more respectable performance. An extended bonnet with traditional grille, is grafted on.