Morris 1946

Great Britain

Eight series E (R4, 918 cc) (wb: 2.26m)
Ten Series M (R4, 1140 cc) (wb: )


Morris 1946 models are carry-overs from 1939/40 and comprises Eight, Series E, two- and four-door Saloons and Ten four-door Saloons, all with fixed or sliding roof. Four-door Eight with sliding roof is priced at £300 plus just over £84 PT. Both has 7 ft 5 in wheelbase, 4.50-17 tyres. Post-war production of the Eight had commenced in October 1945, in two-door form, the four-door being added in January 1946.


Ten-Four Series M


Ten-Four Series M

Eight Series E

Two-Door Saloon

Four-Door Saloon