Morris 1935

Great Britain

Ten-Four – ost.rok
Ten-Six / Ten-Six Special – ost.rok
Ten/Twelve Series II – nowy model
Twenty-Five - ost.rok
Twenty-One/Twenty-Five Series II – nowy model
Eight – nowy model
Isis (R6 OHC, 2468 cm³,) – ost.rok. Powst. 3467 (incl Twenty-five) Coupé (2 door, 2 seater), Saloon (4 door, 4 seater), Tourer (2 door, 2.2 seater)
Cowley / Twelve Four – ost.rok
Cowley Six / Fifteen Six –- ost.rok
Fourteen / Sixteen / Eighteen series II – nowy model
Oxford Six/Sixteen/Twenty – ost.rok


In June 1935, the Eight was designated Series I. They retains the 22.5-bhp 918-cc (57x90 mm) side-valve engine and three-speed gearbox.
Morris Ten-Four Saloon is available with Sliding-head at £175 and with Fixed-head at £169 10s. The 10 HP 1292-cc (63.5x102 mm) four-cylinder side-valve engine develops 26.5 bhp. Except for the Eight all Morrises has four-speed gearboxes.
Morris Twelve-Four (formerly Cowley Four) is available in chassis form at £130. Engine is 11.9 HP side-valve Four of 1550-cc capacity (69.5x102 mm). Saloons are available on this chassis with or without sliding roof.
Morris Oxford Sixteen has six-cylinder side-valve engine, four-speed synchromesh gearbox with Bendix automatic clutch control, 9 ft 6 in wheelbase and 5.50-17 tyres. Saloon and Special Coupé body styles are available, costing £285 and £305 respectively. There is a choice of engines: 2062-cc (65.5 x 102 mm, 39 bhp) or 2561 -cc (73 x 102 mm, 52 bhp). The latter is known as the Oxford Twenty.



8 Saloon



Morris/Jensen Eight Sports Tourer.
This is one of about one hundred cars with special bodywork by Jensen Motors Limited of West Bromwich. As Michael Sedgwick put it: 'Jensen's idea of a Series I sports four-seater was pleasing but it was also a lot more expensive than the standard model, and lacked the latter's elegant simplicity'. The standard model cost £120, the Jensen £165.

Morris Eight 5-cwt Van was popular for delivery work in towns and rural areas.


10 Saloon





10/6 Watson Special Coupé

10/6 Watson Special Coupé.




Twelve-Four (formerly Cowley Four) was available in chassis form at Ł130 and formed an ideal basis for a medium capacity delivery van. This model had an 8 ft 6 in wheelbase and 5-00-1 9 tyres



Fifteen Six

Fourteen Six series II


Big Six

16 Saloon

16 / 18 / 21 / 25




  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
19-27.01.1935 Rallye Monte Carlo 3 ? 2 91   Morton 63rd