Morris 1932

Great Britain

Minor (847 cc) - ost.rok
Major - nowy model
Cowley (1550 cc or 1802 cc)- nowy model
Isis (R6 OHC, 2468 cc,) - nowy model
Oxford Six 

Morris display at Guildford Distributors. On the left are the Sixes, on the right is a selection of Cowleys, with an Oxford Six at the far end. In the centre is an MG Midget.


Morris Minor now has a side-valve engine, replacing the earlier overhead-cam unit but bore and stroke are the same (57 x 83 mm, 847 cc). Several open and closed body styles are available.
Morris Cowley is available with 1550-cc (69.5 x 102 mm) engine, rated at 11.9 HP or with 1802 -cc (75 x 102 mm) engine, rated at 13.9 HP. The latter is known also as the 14/32. Transmission is three-speed, wheelbase 8 ft 9 in, tyre size 5.00-19.
Morris Isis Six is top-line model with 2468-cc (69 x 110 mm) six-cylinder OHV engine rated at 17.7 HP. The chassis is available at £250, the complete car cost £100 more. The wheelbase is 10 ft, the transmission four-speed and the tyre size 5.50-19.



Minor Sports

Minor 5-cwt light van


Motor Sport, January '32




Major Six Coupé


Major Six Sports














Twenty Five