Morris 1930

Great Britain

Cowley - ost.rok (od 1927)
Isis (R6 OHC, 2468 cm³,) - nowy model - ost.rok Saloon (4 door, 4 seater), Coupé (2 door, 2 seater), Tourer (2 door, 4 seater). Powst. 3939 szt.
Minor (od 1929)
Oxford Six - nowy model
Commercial 6D (R6 cyl SV, 4256 cm³, 74 KM)


Minor z nieseryjnym nadwoziem zamkniętym.




Morris-Commercial produkowany jest w przejętych w 1927 roku zakładach Wrigley. W tym roku silnik 4 cylindrowy został zastąpiony nową jednostkę napędową.

Morris Minor was first made in 1929 with two-door Saloon and Tourer bodywork. From 1930 a 5-cwt van variant is available. The engine is an 847-cc (57 x 83 mm) OHC unit, with three-speed gearbox. The same basic engine is used in the contemporary MG M-type Midget.
Morris Cowley is a popular rugged model with 1550-cc (69.5 x 102 mm) four-cylinder engine rated at 11.9 HP. The spiral bevel rear axle is driven through a multiplate clutch with cork insets and a three-speed gearbox. Tyres are 4.40-27 on steel spoke wheels. Wheelbase is 8 ft 9 in. The chassis costs £130, prices of complete cars range from £162 to £200.
Morris Isis Six Sports Coupé is top-line model with 17.7 HP 2468-cc (69 x 110 mm) 6-cylinder OHC engine. Chassis price is £295, complete cars costs from £375 to £399. The wire wheels has 5.50-19 tyres. Wheelbase is 9 ft 6 in.

Oxford 15 H.P.

Cowley 2-seater Tourer with dickey seat.