Classic Car Catalogue

Morgan 1965

Great Britain

Plus 4 (R4 cyl, 2138 cm³, 104 KM, Triumph TR4A)
4/4 series V (R4 cyl, 1498 cm³, 65 KM, Ford)



Sports car build by Morgan emphasizes conservative style. For decades the company specialized in making three-wheel sports cars, with the last one built in 1952. The first four-wheeler came in mid-thirties and today Morgan's cars still follow its style.
The cheapest model today is the Type 4/4 Series V with 1.5 litre Ford engine, while for the Plus 4 models the engine of the Triumph TR 4 is used. Two body styles are offered: the sports and the drophead coupé.
There is also the modern looking Plus Four Plus with plastic body.



Plus 4


Plus 4 Plus