Classic Car Catalogue

Morgan 1963

Great Britain

Plus 4 (R4 cyl, 1991 cm³, 100 KM, Triumph TR4)
4/4 series IV (R4 cyl, 1340 cm³, 62 KM, Ford) or
4/4 series V (R4 cyl, 1498 cm³, 65 KM, Ford)
Plus 4 Plus – introduced in the autumn


Morgan Plus 4 Super Sports was introduced in October 1962, this variant features lower body styling with a reduced frontal area and is powered by a tuned version of the 2138-cc Triumph engine. The 1991 -cc Triumph engine is optionally available.

4/4 Series V of 1963 gets 65 bhp 1599cc Cortina engine, all synchro gearbox, and 90 mph top speed.


Plus 4 Super Sports



Plus 4 Plus at Earls Court.