Morgan 1955

Plus 4 (R4 cyl, 1991 cm³, 90 KM) - ost. rok
Plus 4 (R4 cyl, 1991 cm³, 100 KM) - nowy model
4/4 (R4 cyl, 1172 cm³, 36 KM) - nowy model

Plus 4



Silniki Triumpha TR3. 4/4 ma silnik Forda.

Bargain basement 4/4 Series II launched in 1955 with 35 bhp,1172cc Ford sidevalve engine and three speed gearbox with dash mounted pus and pull change lever. Two seater sports body only, but all cars has curved grille design. 75 mph top speed.

Morgan Plus Four two- and four-seater Tourer and two-seater Coupé models are continued for 1955 with minor changes and joined by a new four-seater Coupé. Powered by the 2-litre (2088-cc) Standard Vanguard engine these traditional sports cars features a curved-back radiator with vertical chrome bars and faired-in headlamps. The two-seater Tourer is also available with the 1.9-litre (1991 -cc) Triumph TR2 engine.

Available in 1954, for the two-seater Sports only, is the TR2 (1991 -cc) engine; become available on the Drophead Coupé and four-seater Tourer models in late 1955.