Morgan 1930

Great Britain

De Luxe Model (from 1912)
Family (from 1915)
Aero (from 1920)
Super Sports (from 1927
Delivery Van (from 1928)

1929 Super Sports

Morgan three-wheelers are available with 980-cc air-cooled and 1078- and 1096-cc water-cooled V-twin engines. All have 2-speed gearbox, shaft and chain final drive and 6-ft wheelbase. Prices range from £87 10s. to £145.

Built from 1912-1931 De Luxe "For the man who wants something better..." had some refined coach built bodywork and was over all better equipped than the Standard Model (1911-1928).

Announced in 1917 the Family model in 4-seater version was said to carry 2 adults and 3 children.

Although listed for the first time in the Sales Catalogue for 1920 some Aeros have been built earlier.

The Delivery Van was built on a standard chassis and was said to have a load capacity of up to 3 CWT. Only few were sold around 1930.

In 1927 Morgan built an Aero with a tuned engine and modified bodywork, it was called a Super Sports Aero or "Super Sports".


Delivery Van