MG 1956

MGA (R4, 1489 cm³, 72 KM)
ZA (4 cyl, 1489 cm³, 61 KM) – ost.rok, powstało 12.754 szt.
ZB Magnette (4 cyl, 1489 cm³, 69 KM) – modernizacja ZA


MGA Coupé

ZA weathered initial criticism from MG purists and went on to become a very popular and sought-after-car. In late 1956 it was superseded in production by the slightly modified ZB standard and Varitone saloons. The latter has two-tone paintwork and a wrap-round rear window. It has 68 bhp and top speed of 80 mph, a higher back axle ratio, and lost the chrome rim round the front wheel arch.
Long overdue replacement for the T series the MGA, introduced in 1956 has a new wider chassis enabling the occupants to sit down lower within the body, and more streamlined bodywork. Thus the 68 bhp 1489cc engine gives the car almost 100 mph performance. Full width bodywork and a small boot made this a more civilised car than it's predecessors. A fixed head Coupé version is also produced from 1956.

For a long time-in fact, since 1929-the M.G. company has provided sporting drivers throughout the world with small, compact sports cars of pleasing performance. Retaining the classic sports car styling until last year, the company launched at the last Show the "all-enveloping" M.G. A and the new cars, during their first year, have proved worthy successors to their ever-popular forebears. Handling characteristics are first class and the sleek, low body lines appeal in all countries. Performance of the 1 ½-litre engine is excellent. To comply with the somewhat obscure regulations for International rallies, in which these cars have done well in their first year, detachable hard tops have been made available from various sources. The manufacturers are now offering such equipment, together with rigid side-screens, on the new cars, and a fixed-head Coupé version has also been introduced.
(London report)

Magnette ZA

Magnette ZB