MG 1955

Great Britain

TF – end of prod.
ZA Magnette (4 cyl, 1489 cm³, 61 KM)
MGA (R4, 1489 cm³, 72 KM) – new model
EX-182 – prototype


MG Magnette Series ZA Saloon is continued with a modified facia. This smart four-seater features a twin-carburettor 1½-litre OHV engine, a full-width body with a curved radiator cowl of familiar MG form and a well-appointed interior which includes pile carpets, leather upholstery and wooden facia.
MG Model MGA Sports is a direct development of the prototype known as the EX182 which did so well in the 1955 Le Mans 24-hour race. This new two-seater is a complete breakaway from the traditional MG sports cars and features a full-width body with sloping bonnet and grille, air outlet grilles on top of the scuttle and separately-styled rear wings. The 1489-cc four-cylinder engine has an 8.3:1 compression ratio and an output of 68 bhp at 5500 rpm.

ZA Magnette

ZA Magnette




F.I.A. World Sports Car Championship entries:
12h Sebring 13.03.1955 (round 2) Results:
# chassis Entrant: gen. class
76 TF Ash / Black D.Ash 38th S1.5 8th
77 TF Ryan / Kinne J.E.Ryan 39th S1.5 9th
  24h Le Mans 11.06.1955 (round 4) Results: perf.
# Entrant: gen. class
41 EX 182 Miles / Lockett MG 12th 1.1-1.5 5th 13th
42 EX 182 Jacobs / Flynn MG acc. - -
64 EX 182 Lund / Waeffler MG 17th 1.1-1.5 6th 15th
Tourist Trophy 18.09.1955 (round 5) Results:
# chassis Entrant: gen. class
34 EX 182 #38 Flockhart / Lockett MG ret. S1.5 -
35 EX 182 #40 Fairman / Wilson MG 20th S1.5 4th
36 EX 182 #41 Lund / Stoop MG ret. S1.5 -

MG przygotowany do startu w Le Mans.


Le Mans.