MG 1954

Great Britain

TF (1250 cm³, 57 KM)
TF 1500 (1466 cm³ 63 KM) - new model
Magnette ZA (4 cyl, 1489 cm3, 61 KM) 


MG Magnette ZA superseded the Series Y saloon in October 1953. Powered by a 1½-litre 60-bhp BMC B-Series engine it has outward similarities to its BMC relative, the Wolseley 4/44, though it is lower and has a curved facsimile of the traditional MG radiator.
MG Midget TF two-seater Sports is a replacement for the TD. Its detail changes includes an improved, lower bonnet line that slope down to a tidier, raked-back radiator; the headlamps are faired into the front wing valances. Other improvements includes a better top, individually adjustable seats and increased engine power.

From 1954 1500 engine fitted in TF, with 63 bhp giving 86 mph top speed.



MG Magnette ZA

Magnette ZA Coupé by Hackit & Weld.



F.I.A. World Sports Car Championship entries:
12h Sebring 07.03.1954 (round 2)   Results:    
#       Entrant: gen. class    
54 Motto Special   Allen / Ehrman F.Allen 11th S1.5 5th    
59 Magnette   Franklin / Curtis H.Hanna dnf S1.5 -    
60 MG TD   Keeley / Underwood J.Keeley dna S1.5 -    
63 MG TC   Yates / Black D.Yates dns S1.5 -    
64 MG TC   Wilson / Lindenmeier D.C. Wilson dna S1.5 -