MG 1953 

TD - ost. rok; 1250 cm³, 54 lub 57 KM
TF - nowy model; 1250 cm³ o mocy 57 KM.
YB - ost. rok; 1250 cm³, 46 KM; end of prod. in the summer
Magnette ZA (4 cyl, 1489 cm³, 61 KM) - nowy model


An overall total of about 8700 of YA, YB Saloon and the YT Tourer version, which had twin carburettors (1948-50), were produced.

TF introduced in 1953 is an attractive re-styling of the TD. Angled radiator, sloping bonnet, faired in headlamps and separate seats distinguish this model from the TD. Power increased marginally to 57.5 bhp, by using TD MkII spec engine. More weight and higher back axle ratio means unchanged top speed. Wire wheels available as an option.
First BMC produced MG ZA Saloon, made from 1953, shares basic body with Wolseley 4/44. 60 bhp from 1489 B series engine gives top speed of 75 mph, with excellent handling and road holding to go with it. Spacious four door body well trimmed with leather and wood.


MG YB Saloon





Magnette ZA i jego bliźniak Wolseley 4/44 posiadają samonośne nadwozia z rozstawem osi 259 cm, odznaczające się długością 429 cm. Niestety na miejscu rzędowej szóstki znalazła się 1,5-litrowa jednostka R4 BMC.