Mazda 1969

R 100 Coupé  
110 S  
Familia - new model


Under the brand name Mazda, the industrial group Toyo Kogyo builds passenger cars and delivery vans. There are currently two model series: the 1000/1200 and 1500/1800. As early as 1964, the Japanese bought a NSU license for the Wankel engine and presented a prototype Cosmo, a low Sport Coupe with two-disc rotary power unit, which is built as a type 110 S since mid-1967 in a small series. A real production type since last year is the Coupe R 100 and since June 1969 the Mazda Familia SS saloon, both about 2000 DM more expensive than the corresponding model with the classic 1200 cc petrol engine.






1000 and 1200

wb: 2260 mm 4 cyl.
987 cm³
58 KM
4 cyl.
1169 cm³
68 KM
Sedan 2-dr 1000 1200
Sedan 4-dr 1000 1200
Estate 1000 1200
Coupé - 1200



1500and 1800

wb: 2500 mm 4 cyl.
1490 cm³
78 KM
4 cyl.
1490 cm³
86 KM
4 cyl.
1796 cm³
100 KM
Sedan 4-dr 1500 1500 SS 1800
Estate 1500 - -



R 100 Coupé and Familia SS

wb: 2260 mm Wankel
2x491 cm³
100 KM



110 S

wb: 2350 mm Wankel
2x491 cm³
128 KM






R 130
Mazda RX 500 was the star attraction at the 17th Tokyo Motor Show in 1970. It was developed by the research and design staff at the Toyo Kogyo Company and was a mobile test bed for high-speed safety. The body of the car was constructed from plastic, which helped keep the weight down to 1100 lbs. The Mazda RX 500 had a rotary engine mounted forward of the rear axle and was capable of 125mph. It also featured multi coloured lights, at the rear end of the car, which indicating whether the car was accelerating, braking or running at a constant speed.