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Matra Simca 1975

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wb: 2370 mm R4 cyl.
1294 cm³
84 ch (DIN)
  R4 cyl.
1442 cm³
90 ch (DIN)
coupé Version I   -  
coupé Version II   S  
coupé Courrèges   Courrèges  


Starting from the summer, the Bagheera have an optional sunroof. Also in the summer a new Bagheera "S" with more powerful engine was announced. It will start its career in the autumn.
A revised range foe 1976 was introduced in October at the Paris Motor Show. The "Version I" with a 1.3-litre engine will be now called simply Bagheera. It gained light-alloy wheels but retains chrome window frames. The Bagheera S has a bigger engine from the Simca 1308 GT, bicoloured wheels, matte-black windows finish, cloth upholstery, power windows as standard etc. On top of the range there is the Bagheera Courrèges with the bigger engine and all-white finish.
7,338 Bagheera's came out of the factory this year. This drastic drop in sales is caused by the oil crises and speed limits imposed on motorways.

The sunroof become available in the summer.

The standard version at the Paris Motor Show in October.

The Bagheera S announced in the summer.

Bagheera S.

Bagheera Courrèges