Classic Car Catalogue

Marcos 1964

GT wb: 7ft. 6in. 997 cc
from 39 bhp
1340 cc
from 54 bhp
– discontiniued
1800 wb: 7ft. 5in.
(2260 mm)
1783 cc
114 bhp
  – new model

Great Britain

October '63 advert.

Marcos 1800 was introduced early in the year. The independent Marcos company (founded by Jem Marsh in collaboration with Frank Costin) had astonished the motoring world in 1960 with the appearance of their high-performance GT with the main chassis structure being made of plywood! This new Volvo-engined 1800 variant also has a wooden chassis, on which is mounted a sleek body fitted with faired-in dual headlamp units all designed by Dennis Adams. Front suspension comes Triumph Herald and rear is De Dion. Engine is 114 bhp giving 115 mph top speed.

The new Marcos G.T. is a car designed to give fast driving with real pleasure. The concentrated efforts of our design team have been directed to this new alliance of high speed with true comfort, a combination too often lacking in G.T. cars of this type.
The new features introduced to achieve this new ease-with-pace include a six inch adjustable pedal assembly, a four inch telescopic steering column adjustment, well upholstered reclining seats sculptured to the human form, unique well matched suspension and remarkable power to weight ratio of over 200 B.H.P./Ton.
New also is the arrangement of instruments in a cockpit design which owes nothing to tradition and everything to the immediate requirements of the more exacting driver.
The large wrap round screen with slender pillars and the low bonnet line provides for the driver unobstructed visibility.
Offered at a highly competitive price, the Marcos is a true Grand Touring car unrivalled in its class.
1 Large capacity boot of 7 cubic feet.
2 Used air extractor.
3 Sliding windows.
4 Low drag, wrap round screen.
5 Dished wood rimmed steering wheel.
6 Illuminated hooded instruments.
7 Fresh air heating and demisting system.
8 Two speed wiper assembly with screen washers.
9 Two Stromberg Optional two twin Choke Weber 42 D.C.O.E.
10 Fully adjustable pedal assembly.
11 Dual Headlamps.
12 High impact resistant Glassfibre coachwork.
13 Powerful self adjusting Disc brakes.
14 Free-flow exhaust system.
15 Rugged Volvo power plant.
16 Four speed all syncromesh gearbox.
17 Full length contour couch seats.
18 Large door pockets.
19 Direct acting coil spring and damper units.
20 Positive traction rear suspension.
21 Optional Hyper light magnesium elektron wheels.


CHASSIS. Race proven Marcos Monocoque Principle giving exceptional torsional rigidity.
SUSPENSION. FRONT–Independent, by unequal length wishbones and 15" coil spring/damper units.
  REAR–Cross braced leading link with 15" coil spring and damper units.
FRONT–9¼" disc, splash protected.
REAR–8" drum, inboard, with handbrake mechanism.
GEARBOX. VOLVO 4 speed all synchromesh with reverse and LAYCOCK overdrive; Ratios : 3.13, 1.99. 1.36 and 1:1, overdrive .80:1 reverse 3.25:1.
FINAL DRIVE. Chassis mounted hypoid differential unit in light alloy housing, sound Insulated via resilient rubber blocks. Ratio 3.9:1.
STEERING. Rubber mounted rack and pinion with telescopic, collapsible column, optional right or left hand drive with Marcos two spoke wood-rimmed steering wheel.
WHEELS. 13" Marcos wide base rims, pressed steel, 4 stud fixing, 5.90 x 13 (175 x 13) four ply tyres with tubes.
WEIGHT. Approximately 11¾ cwt. (1316 lb.,) 600 kg.
PERFORMANCE. 0-60 m.p.h., 9.5 sec. 0-70 m.p.h., 11.2 sec. 0-90 m.p.h., 19.8 sec. Standing ¼ mile 15.7 sec. Maximum speed 115 m.p.h. plus. Improved figures may be achieved by fitting one of our proven engine conversions.
ENGINE. VOLVO four cylinder overhead valve, five bearing crankshaft, bore 3.32" (84.14 mm) stroke 3.15" (80 mm); capacity 108.6 cu. in. (1783 c.c.); compression ratio 10:1; output 114 b.h.p. at 5,800 r.p.m.; torque 110 lb. ft. at 4,200 r.p.m.; carburetters, two Stromberg; four branch exhaust manifold; water cooled oil cooler.
BATTERY. 12 volt; 38 amp./hr.
CLUTCH. Hydraulically operated diaphragm.
FUEL TANK. 12 Imperial gallons; 14.1 U.S. gallons; 37 litres.
Lucas sealed beam dual headlamps; combined stop and tail rear lights; flasher type direction indicators front and rear; number plate lamp illuminating boot when lid is opened; interior and courtesy light; full instrument lighting.
INSTRUMENTS. Impulse revolution counter; speedometer with mileometer and trip; oil gauge; fuel gauge; water temperature gauge; ammeter; ignition warning light; main beam warning light; direction indicator warning light.
Marcos policy is one of continuous improvement and the company reserves the right to alter specifications without notice.
December, 1964