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Lotus 1976


Great Britain



Elite (R4 cyl, 1973 cc, 160 bhp)
   Hatchback (wb: 98 in)



Eclat (R4 cyl, 1973 cc, 160 bhp)
   Coupé (wb: 98 in)

LOTUS ECLAT £7,131 Developed from the Elite, the Eclat is a fastback 2+2 which uses the same 16-valve twin-cam engine but in basic form with Ford four-speed gearbox and steel wheels comes in a lower price range. Five-speed gearbox and alloy wheels, air conditioning, power steering and tinted glass are among the optional extras. The 504 is the luxury version of the Elite with, special interior trim and automatic transmission.
London report



Esprit (R4 cyl, 1973 cc, 160 bhp)
   Coupé (wb: 96 in)

   The Lotus Esprit is Colin Chapman's latest exotic 2 litre, mid-engined, two seat, high performance sports car incorporating many design features proven by a Team that designed and built the racing cars which, to date, have won more Formula One Grands Prix than any other motor vehicle manufacturer and has done so in less time than its principle competitor.
   The Esprit design and development programme has included wind tunnel testing at each stage to ensure maximum aerodynamic efficiency and stability. The Esprit is powered by the highly successful 16 valve 2 litre, Lotus 907 engine which has set new standards of efficiency, power out-put and endurance. The five speed gearbox is designed to match the engine torque and vehicle weight, the installation of which follows current Formula One design practice giving optimum weight distribution. The gear change mechanism is both quick and precise.
   The Lotus Esprit, the body and interior of which was styled by Europe's leading stylist, Georgeto Giugiaro, is manufactured utilising the very latest Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic (G.F.R.P) technology and incorporates many of the safety features proven in the successful Lotus Elite which, in 1975, was awarded Europe's most coveted safety award, the Don Safety Trophy.
   The luxurious interior is upholstered in washable fabric giving maximum comfort, warmth in Winter and coolness in Summer. Fitted head restraints and deep comfortable semi-reclining seats give the driver and passenger superb comfort and minimum fatigue. Command and information services are grouped within a three panel console, the left hand panel provides lighting control, the central panel provides driving information and the right hand panel houses the environmental controls. The electric window controls are housed in the central tunnel accessible to both the driver and passenger. Twin fuel tanks give the Esprit a total capacity of 15 gallons and a cruising range of approximately 450 miles. A luggage capacity of 7 cu.ft. is provided in the front and rear compartments.
   Four powerful headlamps are fully retractable for aerodynamic efficiency and can be instantly raised electrically at the touch of a button. The large laminated windscreen permits superb vision and is swept by a Lotus designed pantograph single wiper system to give clear vision in the poorest weather conditions.
   The primary safety design ensures that acceleration, handling and braking performance give a totally controllable vehicle under all conditions.
   The secondary safety encompasses the structural design of body and chassis to afford the occupants a wide margin of protection in the event of a collision. The phenomenal impact qualities of glass fibre reinforced plastic (G.F.R.P) plus the integral "safety cell" structure within the body shell of the Esprit set new standards of passenger security.
   The Esprit, encompassing STYLE, PERFORMANCE and SAFETY with ECONOMY, truly represents TODAY'S CAR designed for TOMORROW.

With the incomparable Lotus experience in international motor racing, their mid-engined sports coupe will be closely studied by everyone interested in high performance. The steel backbone chassis carries a lean body with characteristic Giugiaro lines, moulded in glass fibre by the special Lotus process. Front suspension is by wishbones and coil springs. Rear suspension uses diagonal trailing arms with fixed length drive shafts.

London report


77 (F-1) (Ford-Cosworth DFV, V8 cyl, 2993cc) - this year only
  Ronnie Peterson (5)
  Bob Evans (5)
  Mario Andretti (6)
  Gunnar Nilsson (6)

3rd (M. Andretti) Dutch GP (Lotus 77)
3rd (M. Andretti) Canadian GP (Lotus 77)
1st (M. Andretti) Japanese GP (Lotus 77)

Lotus 77 (John Player Special Mk.II) features a slimmer, lighter monocoque design over the 72, improved aerodynamics and repositioned radiators to aid better cooling.

Lotus 77