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Lotus 1959


Great Britain

Firma przeniosła się z północnego Londynu do Cheshunt, Herts i nazywa się teraz Lotus Components.
Seven bazuje na niezwykle lekkiej i sztywnej przestrzennej ramie rurowej. Do wyboru są silniki BMC Morris Minor 948cc OHV ze skrzynia czterobiegowa (Seven A), Ford 100E 1172cc - bocznozaworowy - trzybiegowy (Seven F) lub Super Seven napędzany jednostką Coventry-Climax.
Zimą 1958/59 rozpoczęła się produkcja Elite.

Beautifully styled, first proper road car from Lotus announced in 1957, has all glass fibre monocoque bodywork, available only in fixed head form. First production models from 1959. Suspension is coil springs and wishbones at the front and Chapman struts at the rear, with all round disc brakes, inboard at rear. Power is from Coventry Climax 1216cc engine giving 71 bhp, and 110 mph top speed.



Seven (R4 cyl, 1172 cc, 40 bhp)
Seven (R4 cyl, 1098 cc, 75 bhp)
Seven (R4 cyl, 948 cc, 37 bhp) - new model



Elite (R4 cyl, 1216 cc, 71 bhp)


Mk 15 (Coventry-Climax 1963cc)
Mk 17 (Coventry-Climax 1098cc, 742cc- new model (21 ex.)
Mk 16 (F-1) (Coventry-Climax 2467cc)
Mk 18 (F-1) (Coventry-Climax 2467cc) - new model

2nd Rudge Withworth Cup 41 Elite Lumsden/Riley
Entries and results:
Targa Florio 24.05.1959 Entrant: Results:
#         gen.    
86 MK XI Climax Campbell/Hall J.Campbell-Jones dns - -
  24h Le Mans 21.06.1959 Entrant: Results: index
#   chassis # (eng.)     gen. class perf. eff.
30 Mk XV 626 (1963 cc) Hill/Jolly Lotus Engineering fail. - -
38 Elite 1007 (1216 cc) Vidilles/Malle Los Amigos acc. - -
41 Elite 1016 (1216 cc) Lumsden/Riley W.S. Frost 8th 1st - GT 1.5 5th 2nd
42 Elite 1038 (1216 cc) Clark/Whitmore Border Reivers 10th 2nd - GT 1.5 11th 5th
53 Mk XVII 663 (742 cc) Stacey/Greene Lotus Engineering fail. - -
54 Mk XVII 659 (742 cc) Taylor/Sieff Lotus Engineering fail. - -
58 Elite 1037 (1216 cc) Graham/McKee J. R. Stoop dns - -

The Mk 18 is designed for racing in Formula 1, 2 and Junior competition. It is the first mid-engined Lotus car.

Lotus Factory, Hornsey London : Colin Chapman, Mike Costin, Alan Stacey, Innes Ireland and Graham Hill with Lotus 17.

The Mk 15 at Le Mans.

Lotus Mk 17, chassis #663, engine: Coventry Climax 742 cc. (Alan Stacey / Keith Greene) at Le Mans (Team Lotus Engineering).

Le Mans.

Lotus Elite (Mk 14), chassis #1038, engine: Coventry Climax 1.216 cc. (Jim Clark / John Whitmore) at Le Mans (Border Reivers).

Peter Lumsden and Peter Riley won GT 1101-1500 cc class and were 2nd in efficiency index at Le Mans.

Lotus Elite (Mk 14), chassis #1016, engine: Coventry Climax 1.216 cc. (Peter Lumsden / Peter Riley) at Le Mans (William S. Frost).