Lotus 1955

Mk VI (1172cc, 36hp)

Great Britain


Mk IX (1097 cc) – aprox. 30 ex.
Mk X – new model (aprox. 6-7 ex.)


F.I.A. World Sports Car Championship entries:

12h Sebring 13.03.1955 (round 2) Results:
# chassis Entrant: gen. class
78 Mk IX Scott / Samuelson Burns & Scott acc. S1.1 -
79 Mk IX Miller / Rabe F.Miller dsq S1.1 -
  24h Le Mans 11.06.1955 (round 4) Results: perf.
# chassis Entrant: gen. class
48 Mk IX #97 Chapman / Flockhart Lotus Eng. dsq S1.1 - -
Tourist Trophy 18.09.1955 (round 5) Results:
# chassis Entrant: gen. class
38 Mk VIII Connaught Coombs / Burgess Lotus Eng. 27th S1.5 7th
40 Mk IX MG Jopp / Anthony Lotus Eng. acc. S1.5 -
46 Mk IX Chapman / Allison Lotus Eng. 11th S1.1 2nd
47 Mk IX Steed / Scott-Russell R.Steed 15th S1.1 3rd

Lotus Mark IX, engine: Coventry-Climax FWA L4 1098 cc (Frank Miller / George Rabe) by Frank Miller at 12 Hours Sebring. Disqualified for pushing the car across the finish line.

Lotus Connaught-Lea Francis (Michael Young / Geoff Richardson) at Targa Florio (ret.)

Mark IX (Colin Chapman / Ron Flockhart) at 24h Le Mans. Disqualified for entering the track without marshals order.