Lincoln 1935 


Lincoln V12
Zephyr – new model in November


V 12-136 Series (V12 cyl., 414, 150 h.p.; wb: 136 in.)
  541 Chassis
  542 Convertible Roadster LeBaron
  543 Sedan 2 Window
  544 Sedan 3 Window
  545 Coupe
  546 Convertible Phaeton LeBaron
  547 Convertible Victoria Brunn
  548 Coupe LeBaron
V 12-145 Series (V12 cyl., 414, 150 h.p.; wb: 145 in.)
  302 Touring
  303A Sedan
  303B Limousine
  304 Cabriolet Brunn
  305 Brougham Brunn
  307 Convertible Sedan LeBaron
  308 Limousine Judkins
  309A Berline 2 Window Judkins
  309B Berline 3 Window Judkins
  310 Limousine Willoughby
  311 Sport Sedan Willoughby

V12 Sedan 2-Window

You can have your Lincoln eighteen ways. All will contain the 150 h.p. V-12 engine, and will conform to the conservative-but-modern treatment. The eighteen body types are built long and low, with a full, instead of shallowing streamline effect in the rear panels. Like most of the higher-priced cars, Lincoln has the deep crowned fenders, the rounded modelling that contains the opulence of filled curves, rather than the nervous grave of the hollow forms. The front end of the car has been re-designed, with a new treatment for the radiator grille and headlamps. But the angle is firm, rather than rakish.

V12 Five-Passenger Coupé

V12 Convertible Roadster Le Baron

V12 Convertible Sedan


V12 Seven-Passenger Touring Car

V12 Brunn Landaulette Cabriolet

V12 Town Sedan

Lincoln Convertible




Lincoln Zephyr