Lincoln 1933 


KB V12 

KA Series 511 (V8 cyl., 384.8, 125 h.p.; wb: 136 in.)
  512A Coupe
  512B Coupe
  513A Convertible Roadster
  514 Town Sedan
  515 Sedan
  516 Victoria
  517A Sedan
  517B Limousine
  518A Dual Cowl Sport Phaeton
  518B Phaeton
  519 Phaeton
  520A Roadster
  520B Roadster
KB Series 251 (V12 cyl., 447.9, 150 h.p.; wb: 145 in.)
  252A Dual Cowl Sport Phaeton
  252B Sport Phaeton
  253 Sport Touring
  254A Town Sedan, 2 Window
  254B Town Sedan, 3 Window
  255 Sedan
  256 Victoria Coupe
  257A Sedan
  257B Limousine
  258C Non-collabsible Cabriolet Brunn
  258D Cabriolet Brunn
  259B Brougham Brunn
  260 Convertible Coupe Brunn
  260 Sport Berline Dietrich
  261 Convertible Sedan Dietrich
  263A Berline 2 Window Judkins
  263B Berline 3 Window Judkins
  264D Coupe Judkins
  265B Limousine Willoughby
  266B Panel Brougham Willoughby
  267B Convertible Roadster LeBaron
  2197 Coupe Dietrich
  1308 Sedan Limousine Judkins

Two chassis lengths are available: 136 in. (KA, 2nd Series) and 145 in. (KB). The latter chassis is frequently used by custom body builders.

Lincoln KA Seven-Passenger Limousine Model 517-B 



Lincoln KA Seven-Passenger Sedan, Model 517-A

Three Window Berline by Judkins

KB V12 Convertible

Lincoln seria KA