Lea Francis 1949

14 HP Saloon / Estate
14 Sports – ost.rok. Powst. 129 szt.
14/70 Saloon
2½-Litre Sports – September

14 HP Saloon

14 HP Monaco Estate Car

14 HP Sports


Lea-Francis Fourteen for 1949 has restyled six-light bodywork with the headlamps incorporated in the front end, and front wings flowing back to blend in with the rear wings. The 9 ft 3 in wheelbase chassis now has IFS with torsion bars. There are two versions: the Mark V and Mark VI, the latter being a luxurious edition with sliding roof, heater, radio, etc. Both are made primarily for export.

Independent front suspension from September in 14 hp Saloon, not Estate.

14/70 Saloon