Classic Car Catalogue

Lancia 1976

Fulvia Coupé - discontinued
Beta Coupé
Beta Monte-Carlo
Gamma - Geneva (March)
Gamma Coupé - new model



Fulvia Coupé

Coupé  V4 cyl., 1298 ccm 90 cv - discontinued  
Montecarlo V4 cyl., 1584 ccm, 115 cv - discontinued  
Coupé  wb: 2330 mm  

Fulvia Coupé



1300 R4 cyl., 2ohc 1297 cm³ 82 cv - discontinued
1600 R4 cyl., 2ohc 1585 cm³ 100 cv  
2000 R4 cyl., 2ohc 1995 cm³ 119 cv  
1300 R4 cyl., 2ohc 1301 cm³ 85 cv - new model
Berlina  wb: 2540 mm  

LANCIA BETA from £2,767
First new Lancia to appear after the fusion with Fiat, the Beta has proved remarkably popular with Lancia enthusiasts although many mechanical features are more Fiat than Lancia. The economy 1300 replaces the original 1400 while the top models, saloon or HPE "sports station wagon" now have 2-litre engines instead of 1800. Pininfarina has re-worked the rear end to give a slimmer line and a deeper back window.

London Show review


Beta Coupé

1600 R4 cyl., 2ohc 1585 cm³ 100 cv  
2000 R4 cyl., 2ohc 1995 cm³ 119 cv  
1300 R4 cyl., 2ohc 1301 cm³ 85 cv - new model
Coupé  wb: 2350 mm  
  Spyder wb: 2350 mm  
  HPE wb: 2540 mm  



Montecarlo  R4 cyl., 2ohc 1995 cm³ 120 cv  
Targa  wb: 2300 mm  
  Coupé wb: 2300 mm  

Lancia and Pininfarina make enthusiasts' dreams come true by putting this vision of future sports cars into production today. It is full of interesting features. The resilient black nose contains the radiator and an air duct to cool the mid engine compartment via the centre tunnel. There are two versions, the hard top coupe or the cabriolet with soft top retracting into the roll arch.

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HF  V6 cyl., 2418 cm³ 190 cv  
Coupé  wb: 2180 mm  



Gamma  B4 cyl., ohc 2484 cm³ 140 cv - new model
Berlina  wb: 2670 mm  
  Coupé wb: 2555 mm  

LANCIA GAMMA £6,000 to £7,000
Largest Lancia, with shapely low-drag body design by Pininfarina and 2½-litre light alloy flat four engine with two belt-driven overhead camshafts, driving the front wheels. Interesting features are the new-style seats and instruments, self levelling headlamps and the rocking boot lid for easy loading with see-through panel for precise parking. Equipment includes power steering with adjustable column, height and slope seat adjustment.

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WRC Victories:

1st Rallye Monte Carlo #10 Stratos Munari / Maiga
2nd Rallye Monte Carlo # Stratos Waldegård/Hasse
3rd Rallye Monte Carlo # Stratos Darniche / Mahe
1st Rallye de Portugal # Stratos Munari
3rd Rallye du Maroc # Stratos Munari
1st Rallye Sanremo # Stratos Waldegård
2nd Rallye Sanremo # Stratos Munari
3rd Rallye Sanremo # Stratos Pinto
1st Tour de Corse # Stratos Munari
2nd Tour de Corse # Stratos Darniche
1st World Rally Championship   

Other Victories:

2nd Targa Florio #49 Stratos Facetti / Ricci
1st Rajd Polski # Stratos Jaroszewicz/Zyszkowski
1st Rallye di Sicilia #1 Stratos Pregliasco / Sodano
2nd Rallye di Sicilia #5 Stratos Bianchi / Mannini
3rd Rallye di Sicilia #2 Stratos Ambroggetti/Torriani
Entries and results:
  Targa Florio 15.05.1976 Entrant: Results:
#         gen. class category
49 Stratos   Facetti / Ricci   2nd      
50 Stratos   Mannino / Sambo   31st      
53 Stratos   Calascibetta/Glenlivet   12th      
68 Fulvia HF 1600   Evola / Sutera   dns - -  
69 Fulvia HF   Derelitto / Indelicato   35th 4th GT 1.6 20th GT
70 Fulvia HF   "Mascaleros"/Trapani   40th 5th GT 1.6 21st GT
74 Fulvia HF 1600   Mantia / Comporto   50th 7th GT 1.6 26th GT
75 Fulvia HF 1600   Crescimanno/Cuttitta   23rd 2nd GT 1.6 11th GT
87 Fulvia HF 1300   Federico / Petrola   15th 1st GT 1.3 6th GT
88 Fulvia HF 1300   Di Buono / Gattuccio   25th 6th GT 1.3 13th GT
90 Fulvia HF 1300   Di Bartoli / Grassa   33rd 8th GT 1.3 18th GT
92 Fulvia HF 1300   Arioti / Studer   19th 3rd GT 1.3 8th GT
93 Fulvia HF 1300   Bruno / Di Maria   18th 2nd GT 1.3 7th GT
94 Fulvia HF 1300   Ferraro / Valenza   24th 5th GT 1.3 12th GT
24h Le Mans 13.06.1976 Entrant: Results:
#         gen. class    
3 Stratos Turbo   Lombardi/Dacremont Chardonnet 20th 2nd GTP 3rd 3.0-4.0

5° Rallye internazionale di Sicilia winners.

...ten okrzyk kibiców włoskich co chwilę można było słyszeć w czasie ostatniego Rajdu Monte Carlo, bo też i 44 RMC zapisał się w bogatej tradycji tej imprezy absolutną dominacją Lancii Stratos i nokautującym przeciwników stylem jazdy gwiazdy nr 1 - Sandro Munariego. Z 23 odcinków specjalnych na wszystkich etapach tego rajdu Sandro Munari ze swoim partnerem Sylvio Maiga tylko 8 razy nie był pierwszy, a i w tych przypadkach z reguły odstawał od czołówki o kilka zaledwie sekund. Poza nim w Lanciach Stratos, finansowanych przez włoskie linie lotnicze "Alitalia" startowali Waldegaard z Hasse Thorseliusem oraz Bernard Darniche z Alainem Mahe. I te trzy załogi rozgrywały 44 Rajd Monte Carlo między sobą, z tym, że oczywiście Munari był liderem grupy.
Motor 1976

2nd at Targa Florio: Lancia Stratos (Carlo Facetti / Gianfranco Ricci)

Lancia Stratos Turbo, engine: Ferrari 2418 cm³ (Lella Lombardi / Christine Dacremont) by Robert Neyret - Chardonnet at 24h Le Mans.