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Lancia 1971

Fulvia Coupé
Fulvia Sport Zagato
Flavia - discontinued
Flavia Coupé - discontinued
2000 - new model
2000 Coupé - new model
Stratos HF - prototype (Turin)




Fulvia II   V4 cyl., 1199 ccm, 86 cv  
Fulvia II   V4 cyl., 1298 ccm 95 cv  
    Berlina   wb: 2500 mm    


Fulvia Coupé

1,3 S V4 cyl., 1298 ccm,  90 cv  
1600 HF   V4 cyl., 1584 ccm, 115 cv - discontinued
1600 HF Lusso V4 cyl., 1584 ccm, 115 cv  
    Coupé   wb: 2330 mm    

LANCIA FULVIA 1.6 HF LUSSO £2,322 (incl. P.T.)
A performance car for keen drivers this. It is a road version of the famous Lancia competition car which won the RAC Rally for the last couple of years. The engine is a 1584 c.c. four-cylinder unit, which develops 103 b.h.p. and gives pretty exciting acceleration, with a top speed of around 112 m.p.h. Externally, this car is distinguishable from the 1300 coupé by its flared wheel arches, light alloy road wheels and wide section tyres. Inside, the equipment is comprehensive and includes special seats with built-in headrests. There is a twin circuit safety system for the disc brakes.

London Show review


Fulvia Sport Zagato

1.3 S  V4 cyl., 1298 ccm 90 cv    
1600 V4 cyl., 1584 ccm 115 cv - new model  
Coupé  wb: 2330 mm  

The 1600 is distinguished by a matte black radiator grille with chrome edges, black rubber over-riders on the bumpers, a matte black band on the engine bonnet, and new flush door handles. Some of these new fixtures, like the black grille and door handles applies to the 1.3 S too. Inside the 1600 has an oil temperature gauge, bucket seats with headrests and electric front windows as standard. Cromodora alloy wheels like those found on the 1600 HF are optional.

Fulvia Zagato 1.3 S



Flavia 1.8 B4 cyl., 1816 cm³ 92 cv - discontinued
Flavia 1.8 Iniezione B4 cyl., 1816 cm³ 102 cv - discontinued
Flavia 2000 B4 cyl., 1991 cm³ 114 cv - discontinued
Flavia 2000 Iniezione B4 cyl., 1991 cm³ 126 cv - discontinued
Flavia 2000 LX B4 cyl., 1991 cm³ 114 cv - discontinued
Flavia 2000 LX Iniezione  B4 cyl., 1991 cm³ 126 cv - discontinued
Berlina wb: 2650 mm  



2000 B4 cyl., 1991 cm³ 115 cv - new model
2000 Iniezione B4 cyl., 1991 cm³ 126 cv - new model
Berlina wb: 2650 mm

The 2000 saloon keeps the central part of the body (roof, doors, interior) and the entire drivetrain of its predecessor, the second series Flavia. The most important changes are made to the front and rear of the body. The tail is squared and simplified, and the nose lost its separate air intake and headlamp nacelles.
The mechanics retains most of the Flavia's specifications including the front-wheel drive, boxer engine, independent suspension, disc brakes all around with vacuum-assist and split-circuits (called "Superduplex" by Lancia).
The 2000 uses the 1991 cc 4-cylinder boxer engine, available in either carbureted form or with fuel-injection. The latter abandoned the previously used Kugelfisher mechanical system in favor of a more reliable Bosch D-type electronic system. The transmission (produced by ZF) is a 4-speed manual-type for the 2000 equipped with a carburetor, and a manual 5-speed for the fuel-injected 2000.
Since the 2000 become a flagship for Lancia it is given a high standard of finishes. Fine wood for the dashboard and velvet or leather upholstery, standard or optional equipment includes hydraulically operated power steering, air conditioning, electric windows and sun blinds.

LANCIA 2000 SALOON £2,153 (incl. P.T.)
The Lancia has been rated as one of the top three cars in Europe for its high standards of ride and road noise insulation and the new 2000, introduced in the summer, is a very refined car. The engine is a flat-four with waiter cooling, and changes to camshaft, carburettor and compression ratio have made a big improvement in torque and consequently in lower end performance. The 2000 is a 110 m.p.h. car, quite happy to cruise not far short of its maximum. Drive is to the front wheels, of course, while excellent power steering and power operated disc brakes are standard equipment.

London Show review


Flavia Coupé

2000 B4 cyl., 1991 cm³ 114 cv - discontinued  
2000 Iniezione  B4 cyl., 1991 cm³ 126 cv - discontinued  
Coupé  wb: 2480 mm  


2000 Coupé

2000 B4 cyl., 1991 cm³ 115 cv - new model
2000 HF  B4 cyl., 1991 cm³ 126 cv - new model
Coupé  wb: 2480 mm

2000 HF Coupé

The Lancia 2000 and 2000 HF Coupé are an evolution of the Series II Flavia Coupé. The car's bodyshell as previously is designed and made by Pininfarina. The interior - also designed by Pininfarina bears a striking resemblance to that of the Ferrari 330 GT. The cosmetic changes to the 2000 Coupé are a new grille (matte black instead of chrome) with headlamps incorporated into the now wider intake, new bumpers (with rubber strips on the HF). The tail is shorn of its vestigial tailfins, with a raised and squared decklid. The interior did not undergo significant changes, merely refinement of the previous design.
The powerplant is adopted from the 2000 sedan and available in two states of tune: carburated on the 2000 Coupé, Bosch electronic fuel injection on the 2000 HF.
The HF is recognizable by the body-side rub-strip, wooden Nardi steering wheel, and magnesium alloy wheels by Cromodora. Both versions hs a 5-speed manual transmission. Power assisted steering is fitted as standard.

2000 Coupé


Stratos HF

        - prototype



IMC Victories:

2nd Sanremo-Sestriere–Rally Fulvia HF # Ballestrieri / Bernacchini  
3rd Sanremo-Sestriere–Rally Fulvia HF # Barbasio / Sodano  
3rd Acropolis Rally Fulvia HF # Lampinen - Davenport  
1st  Italian Rally Championship Fulvia HF  


Entries and results:
‚ÄÉTarga Florio (16.05.1971) Entrant: Results:
        gen. class category
#86 Fulvia HF 1.6 Pinto/Ragnotti Lancia fail. - -
#87 Fulvia HF 1.6 Munari/Maglioli Lancia fail. - -
#92 Fulvia HF 1.6 Traina/Bello   dns - -
#93 Fulvia HF 1.6 Patti/Cucinotta   dns - -
#94 Fulvia HF 1.6 Bologna/Spatafora   12th 7th - GT 2nd - 1301-1600
#95 Fulvia HF 1.6 Martino/Galimberti   fail. - -
#96 Fulvia HF 1.6 Galimberti/Cedrati   dns - -
#99 Fulvia HF 1.6 Balistreri/Francisci Ateneo 28th 19th - GT 5th - 1301-1600
#105 Fulvia HF 1.6 Irelli/"Jokrysa" Nettuno 23rd 15th - GT 4th - 1301-1600
#106 Fulvia Zagato Restivo/Merendino Jolly Club 18th 11th - GT 1st - up to 1300
#107 Fulvia HF 1.3 Arlini/Bordonaro Jolly Club 34th 25th - GT 4th - up to 1300
#108 Fulvia HF 1.3 Rizzo/Arcovito   fail. - -
#109 Fulvia HF 1.3 Cottone/Caci Pegaso fail. - -
#110 Fulvia HF 1.3 Romano/"Record"   dns - -
#111 Fulvia Zagato Lisitano/"Darenz" Jolly Club fail. - -
#116 Fulvia HF 1.3 Anastasio/Genta Jolly Club 21st 13th GT 2nd - up to 1300

Fulvia HF 1600 'Fanalone' (Sandro Munari - Claudio Maglioli) at Targa Florio (Lancia Squadra Corse).

Fulvia HF 1600 'Fanalone' (Raffaele Pinto - Jean Ragnotti) at Targa Florio (Lancia Squadra Corse).

Fulvia HF 1600 ( Francesco Cerulli Irelli - "Jokrysa") at Targa Florio (Scuderia Nettuno).

Lancia Fulvia Sport Zagato Competizione (Franco Lisitano - "Darenz") at Targa Florio (Jolly Club).

Fulvia HF 1300 (Paolo Arlini - Luigi Chiaramonte Bordonaro) at Targa Florio (Jolly Club).