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Lancia 1965




Total production of Flaminia Touring models: 2.866 divided into 1718 GT of which 168 in 2.8 form, 300 GTL of which only 3 in 2.5 form and 848 Convertibles of which 180 in 2.8 form.
is the forward control light commercial chassis based on the Flavia completely with slightly detuned flat-four engine and disc brakes, making it surely the most advanced pick-up on the market.
Flavia Iniezione have mechanical injection Kugelfischer (for the first time on a ' Car of the Italian series), which raise power output to 102 hp.
In March 1965 the Geneva Motor Show saw the introduction of the Coupé. Designed in-house at Lancia by Piero Castagnero on a wheelbase of 233 cm - some 150mm shorter than the berlina, it use a V4 of 12º53'28" 1216cc engine with 80bhp.
Coupé HF - a competition version of the Coupé introduced a few months after the Geneva Motor Show in 1965, fitted with aluminium bonnet, doors and bootlid together with plexiglass side and rear windows. With the weight in 950 kg , the small sport reach 160 km/h. The engine wes modified by increase in capacity from 1,216 to 1,231 cc and the reduction of the angle "V" of the cylinder 12°53'28" to 12°45'28" and it is producing 88 bhp at 6000 rpm.
Zagato introduced their Fulvia version, the Sport at the Turin Motor Show in November. This use a Coupé floorpan and mechanics, except for the rear axle ratio, with an all new body made of alloy of aluminium and magnesium called Peralluman, the 1216cc engine with 80bhp and a mix of Coupé (dashboard) and new (seats) interior. Designed by Ercole Spada , the Fulvia Sport have a very modern and sleek line with fastback tail.

The Lancia Fulvia Coupé has a more powerful engine ,than the Fulvia 2C with a capacity of 1,216 c.c. instead of 1,091. Net power is up from 71 b.h.p. to 80, and with its sleeker body the top speed claim of 100 m.p.h. should be reached easily. The new body (from the Lancia factory staff themselves and not an outside stylist) is compact and well proportioned. It has two occasional rear seats (more for children than adults) and a big expanse of glass area above its waistline with slim pillars for good all-round vision. Again a wooden instrument panel is used, with unusual rimless dials and calibrations apparently painted on the backs of their circular glasses.
(Geneva report, March'65)



Fulvia   V4 cyl., 12°53'28", 1091 cc, 58 bhp
Fulvia 2C V4 cyl., 12°53'28", 1091 cc, 71 bhp
  Berlina wb: 2480 mm

Lancia Fulvia


Lancia Fulvia 2C


Fulvia – sports models

Coupé V4 cyl., 1216 cc, 80 bhp - new model (March)
  Coupé wb: 2330 mm
Sport Zagato V4, 1216 cc, 80 bhp - new model (November)
  Coupé wb: 2330 mm

Introduced at the Turin Motor Show, the Sport has an all-aluminium alloy bodyshell and uses the coupé's 1,216 cc engine. Inside it reprises the wood-trimmed dashboard of the coupé, and features two small bucket seats of Zagato's own design. Three peculiarities of the Sport body are the engine bonnet hinged to the right hand side, the rear hatch, which could be lifted electrically by a few centimetres to aid cabin ventilation, and the spare wheel, housed in a separate compartment, accessed from a rotating panel which holds the rear number plate.

Lancia Fulvia Coupé powstała w ośrodku konstrukcyjnym Lancii, stylizowana przez Piero Castagnero.





Flavia (B4, 1488 cc, 76 bhp)
Flavia 1.8 (B4, 1800 cc, 92 bhp)
Flavia 1.8 Iniezione (B4, 1800 cc, 102 bhp) – new model

 Superjolly – new model

Flavia berlina


Flavia berlina

Flavia – sports models

Flavia Pininfarina Coupé 1.8 (248 cm; B4, 1800 cc, 105 bhp)
Flavia Pininfarina Coupé 1.8 Iniezione – new model
Flavia Sport Zagato 1.8 (B4, 1800 cc, 105 bhp)
Flavia Sport Zagato 1.8 Iniezione – new model
Flavia Vignale Convertible 1.8 (B4, 1800 cc, 105 bhp)
Flavia Vignale Convertible 1.8 Iniezione – new model

Flavia 1800 Coupé

Flavia 1800 Coupé

Flavia Sport Zagato

Flavia Sport Zagato

Flavia Convertible


Flavia 1800 convertible


Flaminia 2.8 (287cm, V6 60°, 2775 cc, 129 PS)




Flaminia - sports models

Coupé Pininfarina 3B 2.8 (275cm; V6 60°, 2775 cc, 140 PS)
Coupé/Cabriolet GT Touring 3C 2.8 (252cm; V6 60°, 2775 cc, 150 PS) – discontinued
GTL 2+2 Touring (260cm; V6 60°, 2775 cc, 150 PS) – discontinued.
Super Sport Zagato (252cm; V6 60°, 2775 cc, 152 PS)


Flaminia Touring

Flaminia Touring GT 3C

Flaminia Touring Convertibile

Flaminia Touring

Flaminia Super Sport Zagato

Flaminia Super Sport Zagato

Flaminia Super Sport Zagato


Flaminia Coupé Pininfarina


  Targa Florio entries: (09.05.1965)
# 106 Flaminia Cabriolet Raimondo / Jacono Pegaso -
# 110 Flaminia Sport Zagato Scimone / Mantia Pegaso dns
# 178 Flavia Sport Zagato Maglioli / Crosina HF Squadra Corse 19th


Zwycięstwo (Trautmann/ Bouchet) w Rajdzie Alpejskim (Flavia).
Zwycięstwo (Cella/ Gamenara) w Rajdzie San Remo (Fulvia).
1st Italian Rally Championship (Fulvia HF)

Lancia absorbed the HF Squadra Corse, a privateer racing team founded by Lancia enthusiasts which previously received some factory support, which became the works team under the direction of Cesare Fiorio. The same year the Fulvia Coupé made its racing debut at the Tour de Corse, placing 8th overall. Starting with the lightened and more powerful 1965 Rallye HF, special HF version were put on sale to the general public to homologate improvements for the rally cars.


Flavia Zagato at Targa Florio.