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Lancia 1962






Berlina 3a Serie (Tipo 808)    1089 cc, 48 bhp    




Appia – sports models

Pininfarina/Viotti Coupé 3a Serie    1089 cc 60 cv    
Vignale Convertible 3a Serie   1089 cc 60 cv    
Zagato GTE Coupé 3a Serie   1089 cc 60 cv - discontinued  
Appia Sport Zagato Coupé   1089 cc 60 cv    
Giardinietta Viotti       - discontinued  

Appia Zagato

Appia Zagato

Appia Coupé Pininfarina



Flavia  B4 cyl., 1499 ccm 78 cv    
Berlina  wb: 2600 mm  

Lancia Flavia



Flavia – sports models

Flavia  B 4 cyl., 1499 cc 90 cv    
Coupé Pininfarina     
  Convertible Vignale   - new model
  Sport Zagato   - new model

  The Flavia Convertible appeared first at the Turin show in 1962. Designed an produced by Vignale Flavia, steel bodied, with a certain resemblance to the Maserati Sebring. It is based on the shorter Coupé type floor pan and came with the 1500 engine up-rated to twin carburettors giving 90bhp.

Lancia Flavia Cabriolet at Earls Court in London.

Lancia Flavia Coupé

Flavia Sport Zagato



Flaminia  V6 cyl., 60°, 2458 cc, 110 cv    
Flaminia Berlina Speciale V6 cyl., 60°, 2458 cc, 140 cv - 12 ex.  
Berlina  wb: 287 cm  

Lancia Flaminia


Lancia Flaminia

Flaminia – sports models

V6 cyl., 60°
2458 cm³
119 cv
V6 cyl., 60°
2458 cm³
128 cv
V6 cyl., 60°
2458 cm³
140 cv
275     - discontinued (3201 ex.)
252     - discontinued
Pininfarina 3B
275     - autumn
Touring 3C
252     - January
Touring 3C
252     - January
GTL 2+2
260     - Turin (November)
Sport 3C
252     - new model

L'AutomobileOctober 1962

Flaminia GT Touring 3C have 2.5l. engine with 3 carburators, blue and gold 3C badge on the air intake and reverse lights added. GTL 2+2 have the wheel base extended and rised roof line to accommodate two additional seats. Zagato 3C with three carburetors, badge 3C on the air intake, no guards on the bumpers, reverse lights incorporated into the rear bumper.

Lancia Flaminia Coupé Pininfarina

Flaminia Coupé Pininfarina

Flaminia Coupé GT Touring

Flaminia Touring

Lancia Flaminia GT Convertibile Touring

Flaminia Coupé Touring

Flaminia 3C Convertibile Touring


Lancia Flaminia Sport Zagato


Zwycięstwo (Frescobaldi) w Rajdzie San Remo (Flavia).



Targa Florio, Flaminia Sport Zagato. Piero Frescobaldi and Alessandro Federico won in 2001-3000 cc class.

  Targa Florio entries: (06.05.1962)
# 2 Appia Sport Zagato Sillitti / Tornatore Nissena dns
# 64 Aurelia B20 Ramirez / Ramirez   20th
# 70 Aurelia B20 Buondonno / Mancini   dns
# 72 Aurelia B20 Pisanò / Scimone Pegaso fail.
# 74 Flaminia Sport Zagato Frescobaldi / Federico Jolly Club 8th
# 76 Flaminia Sport Zagato Zagato - D'Angelo Jolly Club acc.
# 140 Flaminia SS Zagato Facetti / Fiorio Jolly Club fail.



Flaminia Sport Speciale Zagato at Targa Florio.