Lancia 1930

Lambda ( V4 sohc 13°6', 2568 cm³, 69 KM)
Dilambda (V8 sohc 24°, 3956 cm³, 100KM)


Lancia built the Dilambda from 1928 in very limited numbers. There were 6 examples constructed in the first year and 22 last year. This year the production finally started and 847 were made with 347.5 cm wheel base.


A 1930 Lancia Dilambda exhibited at the Olympia Show and called the ‘Arnaulet slip-stream’. All the Arnold hallmarks can be seen, complemented with special curves in the wing valances.
(Motor Body Building & Vehicle Construction December 1930 p275)

Polish advert for Dilambda.


Lancia Dilambda by Pininfarina


Lancia Lambda (Strazza - Vigo) at 6° Giro di Sicilia.