LD 10 Barker

Lanchester Ten, Series LD10 Saloon. In September 1949 the popular 10 HP chassis was fitted with a new four-light Barker coachbuilt body (aluminium panels on a wood and steel framework) which, although similar in appearance to the previous Briggs (steel) bodied version at the front, have a more attractive line and feature curved windows and a spacious luggage compartment.

Lanchester 1950

Armstrong Siddley Lanchester 18hp

Fourteen/Leda - new model

Leda from 1950 is almost identical to Daimler Conquest, but with Lanchester grille, and 60 bhp 1968cc,four cylinder version of Daimler six cylinder engine. Pre-selector box, torsion bar ifs, hydro mechanical brakes to start with and centralised chassis lubrication. Pressed steel body panels on ash frame, but export models have all steel construction. London Motor Show saw the De Ville Convertible version of the Fourteen with power operated hood and windows.




Lanchester 1949

Lanchester 1951

List 1950

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