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Lamborghini 1963

350 GTV (V12 cyl, 3464 cm³, 360 cv) - Turin


Producent traktorów zaprezentował supersportowe auto z dwunastocylindrowym silnikiem, które ma konkurować z Ferrari. Do współpracy w opracowaniu konstrukcji zaproszono słynnych inżynierów Dallara i Bizzarini a nadwozie zaprojektował własny stylista Giorgio Prevedi pracując pod kerunkiem Franco Scaglione. Produkcja ma się rozpocząć latem przyszłego roku.

Most exciting is undoubtedly the 3 ½-litre vee-12 Lamborghini, a new marque of considerable technical promise with a reputedly firm financial background. Ferruccio Lamborghini has other factories producing farm tractors and air-conditioning and besting plants. His lint car, to be made near Modena with production starting next summer, is called the 350 GTV. Engineer in charge of the project is Dall'ara, and the celebrated Bizzarini has been acting as design consultant The engine is a 60 deg vee-12 with bore and stroke 77 x 62 mm (3,464 c.c.) and chain-driven twin-overhead camshafts to each bank. It is fed by six double-choke Weber carburettors mounted on vertical inlet ports, and power output is given as 360 b.h.p. (gross) at 5,000 r.p.m. A five-speed ZF gearbox is fitted. The multi-tube frame has independent suspension at each corner by triangulated wishbones and coil springs, and there are servo-assisted Girling disc brakes. A maximum speed around 175 m.p.h. is claimed. Lamborghini's own stylist, Giorgio Prevedi, is said to have designed the body under the experienced supervision of Franco Scaglione, and production bodies will be made in the Lamborghini factory. Emblem of this new make is an aggressive-looking bull.
(Turin report)

Prototyp 350 GTV

Prototyp 350 GTV

Turin Motor Show