Lambert 1933



Lambert 350 cm³

Lambert TA 1100 cm³ chassis.

Author of an original independent suspension - known as <~ No Shock "- he patented, Germain Lambert is known for seven years in the automotive world when it launches in 1933 in Reims in the cyclecar simultaneous study of 350 cm 3 and a front-drive chassis powered by a motor 1100. The small Lambert uses a motor chair single-cylinder 4 stroke that develops 11 hp at 4,000 r / min and allows to ride 70 km / h; it is equipped with a chain drive to the rear wheels. Front-wheel drive receives for its April 1 Ruby cylinders with 30 hp at 3,300 r / min allow a speed of 105 km / h; the chassis of the Lambert 1100 four-wheel independent will bodywork that during the summer of 1934