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Lagonda 1936

Rapier - discontinued
V12 - new model

Great Britain

Lagonda Rapier chassis production was discontinued and the production rights were sold to Rapier Cars Ltd of Hammersmith Road, London W6, who under designer Ashcroft, continued to manufacture Rapiers in modest numbers until 1937.
Lagonda Tourer is one of three factory-supplied body styles on the firm's £795 4½-litre chassis. It costs exactly £1000. The others are a Four-door Saloon at £1085 and a Drophead Coupé at £1125. The six-cylinder engine, rated at 29.13 HP. develops 140 bhp and has twin SU carburettors. Wheelbase is 10 ft 9 in. tyre size 6.00-18.
October 1936Motor Sport
Amongst British sports-cars built up to an ideal as distinct from down to a price the 4½-litre Lagonda has always been classed very high indeed. For 1937, this line chassis is continued almost unmodified, since W. O. Bentley brought it up to date only a short time ago, but a new Rapide is introduced, with external exhaust-system and a maximum of about 100 m.p.h. The six-cylinder push-rod engine gives 140 b.h.p. at 3,800 r.p.m. The chassis is priced at £825, the tourer at £1,050 and the saloon at £1,125. The price of the tourer is for the new Rapide edition. Twin Scintilla Vertex magnetos are now used and the gear-lever is now centrally located.
The new V12 of 4.4-litres is also W. O. Bentley’s work and it will constitute one of the sensations of the motoring year. The valves are overhead, operated by a chain-driven o.h. camshaft to each block of six cylinders, the blocks being set at 60°. There is a distributor and a dual downdraught carburetter to each block ; the sump holds three gallons, supplied under low pressure to the timing gears, valve gear, etc. and under high pressure to the crankshaft. Light alloy rods run direct on the balanced nitro-hardened crankshaft. The engine is of shortstroke type and is rumoured to develop some 200 b.h.p. so that the new Lagonda should be of direct interest to competition exponents, although designed to compete with luxury cars in the highest priced classes. Front suspension is independent on the torsion-bar system, both axles are controlled automatically by hydraulic shock-absorbers that are also under the drivers’ control, and the gearbox is separate, has silent pinions, pump lubrication of its plain bearings, external striking mechanism, synchro-mesh on second, third and top gears, and a non-resonant aluminium casing. Final drive is by hypoid bevel and the brakes have Girling operation with conduit-enclosed terminating cables. The short-chassis has a wheelbase of 11 ft., and costs £1,050, or £1,450 with Lagonda saloon bodywork, in which form the V12 weighs about 1 ton 15½ cwt.
Arthur Fox has done much to strengthen the reputation of the 44½-litre by entering it for sports-car races in which it has shown up notably, while in the last ”500,” standard but stripped, the Lagonda gained third place at 113 m.p.h. We tested an open example last May and recorded 10 to 50 m.p.h. in 11½ seconds, 10 to 70 in 20 seconds, covered the half-mile at 95 m.p.h., stopped in 56 feet from 40 m.p.h. and averaged 13 m.p.g.


wb: 10ft. 9in. / 11ft. 3in. 6 cyl. ohv
4453 cc
150 bhp
V12 cyl. ohc
4480 cc
175 bhp
  LG 45 V12


A fine high-performance sports car: the 4¼-litre Lagonda saloon. The chassis has been redesigned throughout by Mr. W. O. Bentley for 1936.

LG 45 Saloon

LG 45 Tourer Motor Sport test.




Rapier Drophead Coupé

Rapier Two-seater



  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
11-12.07.1936 24h Spa 2 1 1 18 LG45 Seaman / Clifford 4th (1st +4.0)
  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
25.01-02.02.1936 Rallye Monte Carlo 4 4 3 57 4467 cc Dobell / Dobell 29th
          10 4453 cc Moore 41st
          35 4429 cc Mann / Mann 60th

C.H. Mann and T.C. Mann Lagonda on the way to Monte Carlo from John o'Groats 60th

A.E. Dobell / R.J. Dobell, Lagonda 4467 cc, start from Tallinn, 29th.

T.G. Moore, Lagonda 4453 cc, start from Tallinn, 41st.