Lagonda 1956 

Great Britain

3-Litre (6-cyl, 2,922 c.c. (178 cu. in); twin O.H.C.; Wheelbase, 9ft 5 1/2in (288 cm); U.K. basic price: £2,600 (total incl. P.T., £3,901 7s). 

3 Litre Saloon

Luxurious cars with a distinctly sporting air and performance, Lagondas are unusual among British designs in having all-round independent suspension. Stiff cruciform frames form the basis for the elegant saloon bodies-products of Tickfords, who are now a company within the David Brown group. (London report)

Drophead Coupé dropped in 1956. Series II four-door Saloon from 1956 had floor shift, drop head deleted. Dropped in 1956.