Lagonda 1955 

Great Britain


3 Litre Saloon

Lagonda 3-Litre Saloon, a Tickford-bodied four-door model which is basically similar to the two-door saloon except that the chromium strips on the body sides are longer and the rear side windows has louvres. Also available is a Drophead Coupé. The two-door saloon was end of prod. at the end of 1954.

3 Litre Drophead Coupé. Earls Court advert.


Tickford Saloon


DP 166   4487 cc      
  24h Le Mans 11.06.1955 Entrant: Results: perf.
      gen. class
#1 DP 166 Parnell / Poore Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd. fail. - -

Le Mans.