Lagonda 1953 

Great Britain

2½-Litre (R6, 2OHC, 2580 cm³, 116 KM) - ost.rok. Powstało 510 egzemplarzy.
3-Litre - nowy model 

3-Litre Saloon


Lagonda 2½-Litre Mark I Saloon was continued from 1948 and produced until October 1952. The Mark I Drophead Coupé was continued until 1953.

Although retaining the general lines of previous models, the Mark II Saloon (from Oct. 1952) has a smoother and altogether tidier appearance and features a number of notable improvements including repositioning of components beneath the bonnet to improve accessibility, revised instrument panel, wider rear seat, improved heating and demisting equipment and hydraulic jacks. The Saloon was end of prod. in June 1953, the Mark I Coupé (bodied by Tickford) two months later. During the year a few Coupés were produced to Mark II specification. New model got engine increased to 2922 cc giving 140 bhp and not quite 100 mph top speed.

3-Litre Tickford

2½-Litre DHC