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Rapier (1087 cm³,) - ost.rok

Lagonda Rapier 10 HP, available only in chassis form, was smallest and cheapest Lagonda offered during 1934-35. It had an 8 ft 4 in wheelbase and costed £270. The four-cylinder twin-OHC 1104-cc engine produced 45 bhp at 4500 rpm.
Lagonda 4½-Litre models come in two versions, the basic Six with 10 ft 9 in wheelbase and 104-bhp engine and the Rapide with 10 ft 3 in wheelbase and 120-bhp engine. Both engines are 29.13 HP six-cylinder OHV units with 88.5-mm bore but the stroke of the Rapide engine is 120.6 vs. 120 mm, resulting in a cubic capacity of 4467 cc.
Lagonda also offers smaller six-cylinder models, down to the 16/80 Special with 1991-cc engine.

Wykupienie firmy przez Alana Gooda, który zatrudnił W.O. Bentleya.

Lagonda Rapier Pillarless Saloon by Eagle, one of only two built.

Lagonda Rapier chassis was used chiefly for sports type cars. The production run of this attractive Two-seater by Eagle.

M 45 tourer




1st 24h Le Mans #4 M45 Rapide Hindmarsh / Fontès



 24h Le Mans 15.06.1935 Entrant: Results:
gen. class
#4 M45 Rapide (4451 cc) Hindmarsh / Fontès Fox & Nichol Ltd. 1st 1st - 3001-5000
#14 M45 Rapide (4459 cc) Benjafield / Gunter Fox & Nichol Ltd. 13th 2nd - 3001-5000


Le Mans winner: Lagonda M45 Rapide (Johnny Hindmarsh / Luis Fontès).



Le Mans. 


Le Mans




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