Lagonda 1932

Great Britain

Two-litre (four-cylinder)
Three-litre (six-cylinder) 


The two-litre (1954.32-cc) engine has twin overhead camshafts, interchangeable inlet and exhaust valves and hemispherical combustion chambers, machined all over. Gearbox is four-speed, wheelbase 10 ft, tyre size 5.00-31. The two-litre models are also available in supercharged form, boosting the power output from 67 to 90 bhp, both at 4200 rpm.
Three-litre has a 3181-cc (75 x 120 mm) OHV engine and a special 'Selector' vacuum-operated gearbox, manufactured under Maybach licence. It provides two ranges of four forward speeds, controlled from the top of the steering column. A conventional gear lever is used for reverse and for selecting high and low ratio.

Lagonda Two-Litre Speed Weymann Fabric Saloon is available in black, maroon and green at £695. Any deviation from these colourings costs £10 extra. Other extra-cost options includes cycle type wings, £10, and semi-panelled bodywork in place of fabric, £25.

Three-Litre Selector Special Panelled Weymann Saloon, priced at £1065. A luggage boot for two suitcases is fitted at the rear.




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