La salle 1936 


Series 36-50 (8 cyl., 248, 105 h.p., wb: 120 in.)
  Touring Sedan
  Convertible Coupe
  Touring Coupe
  Standard Sedan

Convertible Coupé


This was the last year in which Cadillac produced an in-line Eight. Typical list price $1225.

You need not go outside of yourself – you need consult no salesman or other authority – to decide which cars, of all cars, are acCorded first place in the respect and regard of American motorists. . . . The thoughts which you instantly think about Cadillac and La Salle are the spontaneous thoughts of those who seek to express a valuation which can go no higher. . . . There may be differences of opinion about other good cars – arguments without end when owners get together; but there is no basis for a difference of opinion about a car by Cadillac. . . . Now, with prices starting at the lowest point in thirty progressive years, the unanimity of preferential opinion is more marked than ever. . . . For the Royal Family of Motordom offers not only the most remarkable motoring value in the world-but the greatest monetary value as well.


Eight Series 50 Coupé with 120-in. wb.


Two-Door Touring Sedan

Touring Sedan

Touring Sedan

Series 50 Convertible Coupé

Series 50 Touring Sedan