La Salle 1935


Series 35-50 (8 cyl., 248, 105 h.p., wb: 120 in.)
  Convertible Coupe
  Touring Sedan

Series 50 4-Door Sedan

LaSalle Series 50 Eight do not differs much from 1934 model year, the main exterior difference being styling of bumpers. Like most other GM products now features Fisher Bodies' 'Turret Top', which is an all steel roof.

Note the family resemblance to the Cadillac. The characteristically narrow radiator, the long horizontal treatment, and the sleek pompadour dome. Individual features are the cup-like louvers. La Salle is pretty well satisfied with the reception of last year's model, and continues "in the same line of streamline thought." This is the school that, does most of its aero-dynamizing on the top and rear panel of the car, and believes in absorbing add-on protrusions into the body proper. The fender-skirts by their high, full arch give the car another touch of individuality. Note how they snub out, in front.

Cadillac is proud today to announce its latest achievemant . . . a brilliant, flashing new La Salle with . . .
PERFORMANCE of an inspiring new type . . . responsively eager in traffic, swift and umlabored on the hills, faster and smoother on the open road. Yet performance that carries with it new economies of operation.
STYLING . . . that is smarter than that of the style-setting La Salle of last year.
SAFETY . . . that includes the latest Fisher contribution to motoring security . . . the solid-steel Turret-top body. And the safety of big, capable hydraulic brakes.
QUALITY of unusual character . . . Throughout its sturdy chassis and throughout its luxurious interior, trimly tailored in quality fabrics, the new La Salle is a trubute to fine car ideals. This is but natural . . . for it is designed and built by Cadillac.
The new La Salle is now on display at the salesrooms of your Cadillac-La Salle dealer. You are Cordially invited to see it and to drive it . . . to judge its exceptional value and its brilliant performance for yourself.

Series 50 2-Passenger Coupé

Four-Door Touring Sedan


Convertibile Coupé

Series 50 Eight Convertible