La Salle 1934


Series 350 (8 cyl., 240.3, 95 h.p., wb: 119 in.)
  Convertible Coupe
  Club Sedan



Series 350D Eight have an in-line engine and is also known as Series 50. It is produced by Cadillac on a 119-in. wb chassis with 'knee action' ifs.


La Salle '34

America you above all other nations – know how priceless is, style. . . . For nothing can be desirable that is anywise out-of-date. . . . Cadillac presents La Salle – supreme in streamline designe, so captivating that it puts years between yesterday and today. . . . As final assurance of its style and elegance and quality – remember that all bodies for La Salle are built by Fleetwood, the foremost custom builder in the world. . . . La Salle prices are actually almost a thousand dollars below those of last year. . . . The moral, of course, is obvious – get a La Salle.

5-Passenger Club Sedan

Model 350 Convertible Coupé

Series 50 model 350 5-Passenger Sedan

Series 50 model 350 Coupé