La Salle 1933


V8 345 C Series (8 cyl., 353, 115 h.p., wb: 136 in.)
  Town Coupe
  Convertible Coupe
  Imperial Sedan
  Town Sedan 

La Salle Series 345C V8 Sedan for 1933 have the same 353-cu in. engine as Cadillac Series 355C. Like most American 1933 models it have 'skirted' front fenders (wings). Wheelbase is 136 in.



. . . at an even more moderate price

It was an occasion for great rejoicing among men and women who admire fine possessions, when the new La Salle V-Eight appeared upon the American scene a few weeks ago. For here was something they had been seeking. Here was a motor car of proud lineage, enriched throughout in its quality – yet offered at prices in perfect keeping with the current economic scheme. . . . No need to question the correctness of the youthful grace which is the dominating note in its appearance – for the style of the new La Salle was created by the most accomplished designers at the command of the Fisher studios. No need to wonder about its mechanical fitness or the nature of its performance – for La Salle is the product of the same skilled craftsmen who build those magnificent motor cars, the Cadillac V-Eight, V-Twelve, and V-Sixteen. . . . The new La Salle is powered by the 115-horsepower Cadillac V-type eight-cylinder engine. Throughout chassis and body are many refinements and developments of major importance, including the new Fisher No-Draft Ventilation system, individually controlled. Yet the standard five-passenger sedan is now reduced to $2245, f.o.b. Detroit – a price most attractively reasonable for a car of Cadillac design, Cadillac construction, and genuine Cadillac quality.


5-Passenger Sedan


Town Sedan

7-Passenger Sedan

Convertibile Coupé

Convertible Coupé