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Javelin Mk III

Koniec produkcji samochodów. Powstało 900 szt kabrioletów Jupiter, w tym 75 podwozi karosowanych na zamówienie.

Jowett Jupiter R4 was revealed at the 1953 Earls Court show, by which time Javelin production had ceased owing to difficulties with the supply of body shells. Although the overall design was totally different from the Type IA, the power units used were very similar. The car had a broad squat two-seater body shell, with a wide oval grille, fitted to a deep box-section chassis frame. Only three cars were ever made. The R4 was the last car to bear the Jowett name, for production finally came to a halt in 1954.



JUPITER IA (Conv.): 4 cyl; 60 bhp @ 4500 rpm; 93-in WB; 1960 lbs.
JAVELIN (Sedan 4-Dr): 4 cyl; 50 bhp @ 4500 rpm; 102-in WB; 2352 lbs.
  The firm of Jowett, founded in 1906 by two brothers, Willie and Ben, manufactured two-cylinder cars with horizontally opposed, water-cooled engines, right on until 1945. Two years later, a new model with flat four engine, known as the Javelin went into production. Possessed of fairly good aerodynamic lines, the compact and fleet Javelin sedan put up a remarkable performance in the Spa (Belgium) 24-Hour race, winning its class. Output was 50 bhp. Meantime, Professor Eberan Non Eberhorst, designer of the post-War British ERA Grand Prix-cars, put the finishing touches to a lightweight tubular chassis with torsion bar suspension, powered by a souped-up form of the Javelin engine. Clad in a light alloy convertible body, this model was known as the Jupiter and appeared in 1950. It put up a remarkable performance at Le Mans, running away with its class; but production was very slow getting under way. Various teething troubles with the Jupiter's engine, affecting valve action and carburetion, further limited the car's success in this country. It also was much heavier than originally announced. Today, all these problems have been overcome. Even more interesting is the latest R-4 road racing Jupiter with a lightweight, streamlined, part plastic body. On this model, semielliptic rear springs replace the torsion bars featured on the Jupiter IA. Wheelbase is nine inches shorter and weight 400 lbs less. The R-4 presently is unavailable.
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