Jowett 1952

Jupiter (B4 cyl, 1486 cm³, 60 KM; wb: 93 in.) 


Specjalnie przygotowane Jupitery znów stanęły na starcie 24 godzinnego wyścigu w Le Mans.

The Jowett company-founded by Benjamin and William Jowett and A. V. Lamb on £30 had completed fifty years. The successful Jupiter is continued with detail modifications including a redesigned fascia/instrument panel. A special-bodied Jupiter version by J. J. Armstrong of Carlisle. Other specialist coachbuilders also adapted the Jupiter chassis, including Abbott of Farnham, J. E. Farr & Son of Blackburn and Richard Meade of Knowle, Warwicks.
Engine and gearbox problems finally resolved Javelin in 1952.
Top speed of 88 mph with 62 bhp, Jupiter MkIA from 1952 which also has re shaped wings.







Jupiter Coupé by Armstrong.



24h Le Mans 14.06.1952 Entrant: Results:
gen. class perf.ind.
#45 R1 Jupiter Becquart / Wilkins 13th 1st - 1101-1500 16th
#46 R1 Jupiter Hadley / Wise ret. - -
#64 R1 Jupiter Gatsonides / Niegevelt Gatsonides ret. - -

Jupiter R1 at Le Mans.