Classic Car Catalogue

Jensen 1949 

Great Britain


Jensen Motors Ltd of West Bromwich, who before the war had built Ford V8-engined Specials, announced a new luxury car in 1946. Actual series production commenced in 1948, there being a four-door Saloon and a four-door Convertible. The eight-cylinder OHV engine, produced by Henry Meadows Ltd, have a capacity of 3860 cc and a maximum output of 130 bhp. In September 1949, this engine was replaced by the 4-litre Six of the Austin A125 Sheerline.


After the war, a Jensen straight eight 6-seater saloon was announced, and was to use a newly-developed Meadows 3860cc engine. However, the Meadows unit proved to have annoying high-speed vibrations, which the engineers were unable to cure. A few were built with leftover Nash engines and then a 3993cc six from the Austin Sheerline was substituted.
The Austin alliance paved the way for sharing of resources for a sports tourer, and this resulted in the supply of Austin A70 chassis for a new Jensen Interceptor.