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Jawa 1934

700 2cyl., 2 stroke, 689 cm³, 20 k.s. wb: 2700 mm
700 - aerodynamic prototype  


Pierwsze samochody marki Jawa wyjechały z praskiej fabryki motocykli w kwietniu. Konstrukcja oparta jest na licencji niemieckiego DKW z niewielkimi zmianami. Na razie powstaje 10 egzemplarzy dziennie. Czteromiejscowy kabriolet kosztuje 22.900 a limuzyna 24.400 koron. Samochody odniosły sukces w wyścigu "1000 mil czechosłowackich".
Czech arms manufacturer Franisek Janecek decided after the decline of the armament industry in 1929, to start the production of motorcycles. There was, no time to develop a motor of his own so he decided to make a foreign design under licence. Not only did he get the licence to produce Wanderer motorcycles (because of the collapse of German motor industry, Wanderer had already stopped production) but also the complete production set-up with many completed parts. The trademark 'Jawa' (derived from the first two letters of Janecek and Wanderer) was patented in August 1929. During the years motorcycle production was growing well and in the mid-1930s Jawa also went into car building.
In 1934, a foreign licence was bought again – now by the DKW F4 Meisterklasse and the new front-wheel drive car was called Jawa 700. It had a 2-stroke 2-cylinder 692cc 20bhp engine placed in front of a backbone pressed frame, aid, independently suspended wheels all round. Two door wooden bodies, first covered by leatherette. Engines were produced in Prague, the bodies assembled and the cars completed in Tynec nad Sazavou (not far from Prague). The car was capable of 56 mph (90km/h) and its fuel consumption was 7 litres of 25:1 mixture for 100 km. From May to December 1934 203 cars were sold being priced at 22,900Kc. The Jawa cars with tuned 750cc 27bhp engine were capable of 68mph (109 km/h) and with Jaray-type streamlined body took part in the '1000 Miles of Czechoslovakia'.

Jawa 700 roadster



  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
9-10.06.1934 1000 mil československých     1 43 Jar. Kaiser / F. Kronberger 700 30th →750 2nd
1000 mil československých