Classic Car Catalogue

Jaguar 1975

XJ12 - discontinued
XJ 5.3 - new model
XJ-S - September

Great Britain

In April a smaller, 3.4 engine was added to the XJ range. In May the V12 gained a Bosch-Lucas fuel injection giving now 285 bhp. Saloon with this engine is now called XJ 5.3. After two years since its introduction the XJC is finally available for delivery.
The all new successor of the famous E-Type called XJ-S was revailed in September. It is based on the shorter XJ floor pan and powered by the fuel injected V12 engine.


XJ6 and XJ12

XJ6 (R6 cyl, 2 ohc, 4235 cc, 173 bhp)
XJ12 (V12 cyl, 5343 cc, 265 bhp) - discontinued
XJ 5.3 (V12 cyl, inj., 5334 cc, 285 bhp) - new model
 Saloon (wb: 9' 4¾'')
 XJC Coupé (wb: 9' 1'')
XJ6 4.3 Litre (R6 cyl, 2 ohc, 3442 cc, 160 bhp) - new model
 Saloon (wb: 9' 4¾'')

XJ 6L from £4,645
Speeding production to meet insistent demand, Jaguar have had to drop saloons with the standard wheelbase, so all saloon models, with six or twelve-cylinder engines now have the long wheelbase. Plus the new instruments, easier-to-identify controls, illuminated by fibre optics, ventilated disc brakes, centrally controlled door locks and better insulation against heat and noise. Laminated windscreen and heated rear window are also standard.
XJ 3.4 £4,795
Jaguar have brought back a famous name, using the equally-famous XJ body structure, powered by the illustrious 3442 cc twin overhead camshaft six-cylinder engine-the motor that won innumerable races. The roadholding, comfort, good looks, and safety of the XJ are legion, but the smaller engine brings "Grace, Space, and Pace" to many who view the lower price and running costs as very important. The engine develops 161 bhp and there is no shortage of performance with a 117 mph maximum, and a 0-60 mph in 10.9 seconds.
XJ 12C £6,010
A pound for every Jaguar Coupé you've seen in the past year wouldn't make you rich. Further development was needed to assure the rigidity of the airy, elegant four-seater body, with its sides opening free of pillars from windscreen to rear window, and then the backlog of orders for saloons delayed production. But this coveted car should soon be available. Door and quarter windows are electrically operated. Air conditioning too.
XJ 5.3C £6,850
The two-door Coupé version of Jaguar's V12 is now powered as standard by the electronic fuel-injected engine. With 285 bhp on tap it is capable of 140 mph with a 0-60 mph capability in 7.5 seconds. The beautifully-proportioned body has tasteful walnut veneer trim, soft hide on the seats, (cloth is optional) centralised door-locking, and electrically operated side windows which disappear when down. Extremely efficient air-conditioning is an optional extra-which means you won't need to open the windows! The latest cars are higher-geared than the older carburettor models.

(London report)



XJ-S (V12 cyl, inj., 5334 cc, 285 bhp)
 Coupé (wb: 8' 6'')

XJ-S £8,900
Jaguar's long-awaited new 'sports' car is a 2+2, powered by the latest fuel-injected version of the famous light-alloy V12 engine. Available in four-speed manual, or fully-automatic form, the lithe XJ-S is capable of more than 150 mph, but is also uncannily quiet and flexible. In spite of its larger dimensions it is more efficient aerodynamically than the E-type (now out of production). Its twin-reflector biode headlights provide lighting in keeping with its performance. The telescopic bumpers will cope with impacts up to 5 mph without sustaining damage.

(London report)