Jaguar 1955

Mark VII M
XK 140
2.4 Litre - new model in the autumn.

Jaguar XK 140 is a renamed version of the XK120 of former years; with the new name come an increase in power from the famous 3½ -litre engine which had been so successful on the International sports car racing front since the war. The 3442-cc power unit develop 190 bhp at 5500 rpm (160 bhp on XK120). Also available are Drophead Coupé and Fixed-Head Coupé versions. Externally they are distinguishable from the XK120 by bolder grille bars and wrapround bumpers.
Jaguar Mark VIIM Saloon is similar to the Mark VII but with increased power output (as on the XK140) and modified front end treatment which include new wrapround bumpers, exterior mounted fog lamps, horn grilles below the headlamps, flashing trafficators and rim embellishers as standard equipment.

2.4 Litre to 4 drzwiowy sedan, napędzany 6-cylindrowym, 112-konnym silnikiem o pojemności 2,4l. wywodzącym się ze sportowego XK. Konkurent Rovera 75, ma rozstaw osi 273 cm i długość 459 cm.


Mark VII M

Mk VII M (6 cyl, 2 ohc, 3442 cc, 190 bhp; wb: 10' 0'')


XK 140

XK 140 (6 cyl, 2 ohc, 3442 cc, 190 bhp; wb: 8' 6'')
 Roadster OTS
 Fixed Head Coupé FHC
 Drophead Coupé DHC



D-type (6 cyl, 2 ohc, 3442 cc; wb: 7' 6'')


Two-point-four Litre

2.4 Litre (6 cyl, 2 ohc, 2483 cc, 112-bhp; wb 8 ft 11 ½ in)



Pierwsze (Hawthorn/Bueb) i trzecie (Claes/Swaters) miejsce w 24h Le Mans (F).
Zwyci?stwo (Hawthorn/Walters) w 12h Sebring (USA).

Mike Hawthorn w D-type jedzie po zwycięstwo w Le Mans.