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Hillman Minx

Bellett in November ?  

Bellel at Tokyo Motor Show.

In 1962 30 per cent of all Bellels were sold with the diesel engine.

The Isuzu Motor Company have extended their licence (first negotiated in 1953) to build the 1,491 c.c. (78 x 78) Hillman Minx. This model is manufactured wholly in Japan, but a few items on the de luxe version, such as the central floor change and disc brakes, are imported from England. Production of the Minx is running at 1,000 per month. At the same factory, which is new and still not fully equipped, the Isuzu Bellel, introduced twelve months ago, is produced at a rate of 600 per month; this is being stepped up to that of the Minx and the eventual total production with the present floor space is planned at 7,000 cars per month.
The Bellel can be supplied with the Minx engine, a 1,991 c.c. four-cylinder developing 85 b.h.p., or a diesel version of the same capacity developing 55 b.h.p.; these two larger units were designed by Isuzu. For the show a new special de luxe model was added to the range which has a twin-carburettor engine developing 95 b.h.p. Like the Nissan Cedric Special, this is equipped with light-sensitive automatic headlamp dipping, developed by the Hitachi Electric Co.

(Tokyo report)

Hillman Minx