Isuzu 1973

Bellett – discontinued    
117 Coupé      
Statesman De Ville – new model (Holden import)    


A total of 170,737 of original Belletts were manufactured.
Statesman De Ville is a Holden Statesman HQ series exported for the Japan market.



wb: 2350 mm          






November 1973 marked another facelift, including a reworked rear end for the sedans. As the vans only saw limited sales they were only changed at the front. The only 1600-engined sedan still available by this time was a taxi version with an LPG-powered version of the overhead valve G161 engine, with 78 PS (SAE) and a three-speed column-shifted manual.





With the 117 Coupé becoming a very popular and desired model, and the advent of the cooperation with General Motors, Isuzu decided to shift the model to mass production. This change took place in March 1973. The 1.8 L engine became standard, with several versions available, with or without fuel injection and with DOHC or SOHC.