Isuzu 1969


Bellett 1500 (4 cyl., 1471 cm³, 78 KM; wb: 2350 mm)
1600 Sport / GT (4 cyl., 1584 cm³, 90 KM; wb: 2350 mm)
Florian (4 cyl., 1584 cm³, 85 KM; wb: 2500 mm)


At the 1969 Tokyo Motor Show, Isuzu presented a concept car called Isuzu Bellett MX1600, designed by Tom Tjaarda from Ghia studio. It was a mid-engined, rear-wheel drive 2-seater super sports car.




wb: 2350 mm          


A down-specced private use version called the Bellett Special, using the 1.3 litre engine and the B's front clip, albeit with two-door sedan bodywork, was added in 1969.
The base engine's power of the GT was increased to 95 PS (70 kW), when the GT-R was added in September. The GT-R, more specifically GT Type-R (for "racing"), was a racing version of the GT, also available to individual customers. First presented in September, the GT-R features a 1.6 L DOHC engine from the 117 Coupé, power brakes and numerous other modifications. Available only with two-door notchback coupé bodywork it was visually different from other Belletts primarily by a specific paint scheme, which includes a completely black hood.










  2500 mm        


In March the sportier 1600 TS ("Touring Sports") appeared, fitted with the Bellett GT's twin carb engine, producing 90 PS at 5,400 rpm. Originally fitted with large, single rectangular headlights, the sporting 1600 TS introduced twin round units.
in September the overhead cam G161S engine was introduced. Power increased from 84 to 90 PS for the Super Deluxe and from 90 to 103 PS for the twin-carb 1600TS. The Deluxe still has the earlier OHV engine.




117 Coupé








MX 1600






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